Custom Made

Bright Pink costume "Karolina"

Bare White for Kairi Reinvee


Decorate it Yourself!

Dear Ladies, there is something for those of you who love to embroider yourself!

Amani's Secret Basis: skirt, bra and belt

Let me take care of sewing and perfect bra shape and belt, and just do the rest for yourself!

1. NEW! Neon Roses
Set of 2 pieces:
New design skirt with volume and Bra
(available in size S, pre-order any size)

Don't forget to check out sew-on stones here:

2. Baby Pink 100€
Set of 3 pieces:
New design of Curly skirt, made of lace
Basic belt

Sizing of available set:
Skirt 90-95cm, Belt 85-95, Bra cup B-C

Decorated version:

Come and pick up your decorations from Amani's Secret huge selection!
Best prices in the city!

3. Coral, 120€
Set of 3 pieces:
Curly skirt, made of lace and atlas
Basic belt
Bra with 2 options

Sizing of available set:
Skirt 90-95cm, Belt 85-95, Bra cup B-C

Decorate it yourself with Amani's Secret large selection of sew-on components:

and selection of stones: http://amanisecret.blogspot.com/p/stones.html


Ballroom Dances Outfits

Amani's Secret first Ballroom dances training outfit!

For Mark and Katrin, 10 y.o. gorgeous dancers!

Material for skirt and girl's top 3.5m stretch, 50€ (plus material cost)
Material for boy's t-shirt 70cm. 10€ (plus material cost) 

Belly dance and Salsa training collection


Pink Print 4 piece set.
Stretch, comfortable on skin
Suitable for Bellydance and Salsa
Pre-order any size and color combination,
Price range 55-70€ depending on size.
Be bright, keep on dancing!
To order please contact the designer,
tel. +37253332616, or email annapuhk@gmail.com

Amani's Secret presents its first training outfits collection!

Here is the catalogue of few first sets that were designed by a belly dancer for a comfortable trainings combined with original, bright look.
It's a combination of supportable double layer sport top, bolero with long straps, no-need to roll down low waist trousers and curly Salsa skirt or Oriental belt.

Be bright, be different, shine!